Residential Landscaping

DHL can help design and construct any part of your landscape including modifications to your home necessary to create the indoor/outdoor flow so demanded in today’s modern living. We cater for new and existing homes and will quote on your plan or one of our own. Pricing for plans start from $200 for a scaled concept plan. More extensive plan work would entail current designer fees and would range widely depending on size and required planting plans and engineering.

Our services cover all aspects of the landscape process from design through to final construction and planting. Note: full scale designs needs are also networked with qualified local landscape design professionals. See our categories from… 

“As part of Distinctive Home and Landscapes, we’ve used Terry’s expertise both inside and outside our home. He did a fantastic job building a large deck over our concrete swimming pool – which including some creative alignment with the old surround deck. Despite the odd shape of the deck and the challenges it presented, Terry did a great finish to the edge of the deck and incorporated an attractive and practical drop down step onto the grass. Along the way, he gave us some great planting tips too … we just need to apply them!”  – Joel and Catherine, Paremata.

Quotations are free - once design is agreed and ready.