Our team can create a new lawn from nothing or renovate your existing one.

Primary options are:

  • Seeded Lawn    >    Using any mix of seed to suit the end use
  • Hydroseeded     >   Sprayed on seed and mulch
  • Instant Lawn     >   Rolled out lawn for immediate impact
  • Artificial Lawn    >   Various grades of high quality turf on compacted base course

Each option usually requires ground preparation work such as excavation of ground, supply, leveling and compaction of new topsoil to a perfect contoured surface ready for final seed/lawn application.

NB: some lawns require special treatment such as drainage system or insect control prior to final stages.  

Latest Artificial Lawn

Here is the latest project involving replacement of a poor quality existing lawn with new ‘artificial turf’ set against new stone walls and renovated gardens.

This client had two large dogs which were very hard on lawns so now the perfect realistic lawn is a permanent long lasting feature staying tidy and good looking for 10+ years and no maintenance costs.

Call us now for information and quotes on how we can provide you with lawn you deserve.